Vision & Mission


To impart quality technical education to your aspirants at an affordable cost, to mould students as individuals with discipline, human values and inculcate ability in contributing to the technological growth of the country. To provide intellectual and moral leadership by igniting the minds of youth to realize their potential and make positive contributions leading to prosperity of the society and the nation at large.


To create a well equipped centre for the youth to successfully pursue an B.Ed , a professional carrier contributing to enhance the status of our nation and build the wealth of the world at large in the teaching field. With a mission to impart the quality Teachers training education to each and every segment of society, Kumar B.Ed covet dream will come into existence in 2013 with the beginning of Kumar B.Ed College. Sri Pramod Kumar , one of the pioneer in the field of Education guided by a well-known Social Worker in State of Jharkhand.

Kumar B.Ed College , Dhanbad is being establish to provide quality educations and training to teachers as well as young aspirants who can motivate and transform the life of young and under age student . The college is dedicated itself to service of society by educating Teachers and preparing professional educator for all levels and it seeks to contribute to the innovative , responsible and systematic integration of technology in education along with humanistic skills.

The college is dedicated to build a strong foundations for professional teachers with the insight into societal needs and aspirants and to be responsible citizen in their quest for knowledge with good personalities and communications , the colleges has come forward in developing a coeducational institutions of excellence that will cater the needs of rural youth.

The Kumar B.Ed college is situated at NH-2 (Delhi Kolkata Road), Panchrukhi, Kharni More, Rajganj, Dhanbad, Jharkhand. It is well connected by different modes of transport by train & road. The college is situated at distance of 125 KM from state capital.

The bringing up of Kumar B.Ed college , Dhanbad Conceived by Visionary , Leaders as well as achievers Shri Pramod Kumar . Kumar B.Ed College was convinced with generosity , incessant inspirations , Gracious guidance and active co-operations of many peoples. The college commits itself to offer quality Educations at the higher end to established itself as a premier teacher's training college at the national and international Level.

President Message

Education would fail ignominiously in its objective if it manufactures only a robot and called him an economic man stressing the adjective economic and forgetting the substantive man. A university cannot afford to ignore the cultural aspects of education whatever studies it specilizes in Teachers Training Industries.

Mr. Pramod Kumar