Courses - B.Ed.

Kumar B.Ed. College provide Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) course, duration of 02 years. It consist of 04 semester (06 months each). The B.Ed. course curriculum is based on guideline of Binod Bihari Mahto Koylanchal University, Dhanbad. It consists of both theory and practical course to cater and develop the Knowledge, Skills and Aptitude of trainee teachers and fresher. Illustrations and cases of relevant situations and activities comprise the core of each course. The core subject is suitable supported by theoretical aspects to the extended needed. B.Ed. Course distributed in 04 semesters by 06 months each. Our Kumar B.Ed. College, Dhanbad is duly recognized under NCTE ERC for 02 unit B.Ed. course (50 students in each unit) i.e; 100 trainee students per academic year.

Course Content

The program is essentially a mix of theory and practical section


1) B.Ed. TC-101 (Childhood and growing up)

2) B.Ed. TC-102 (Contemporary India and Education)

3) B.Ed. TC-103 (Language across the curriculum)

4) B.Ed. TC-104 (Understanding Discipline and Subjects 1/2)

5) Practicum B.Ed. P-105(EPC-1 - Reading and Reflecting on Text 1/2)


1) B.Ed. TC-201 (Learning and Teaching)

2) B.Ed. TC-202 (Knowledge and Curriculum-Part-1 (1/2))

3) B.Ed. TC-203 (Pedagogy of School Subjects : Part-I (1/2))

4) B.Ed. TC-204 (Assessment for Learning)

5) Practicum B.Ed. P-205(EPC-2 Drama and Art in Education 1/2)


1) B.Ed. TC-301 (Pedagogy of School Subjects : Part-II (1/2))

2) Practicum B.Ed. P-302(School Internship Report)

3) Practicum B.Ed. P-303(Assessment of Practice Teaching in Selected Subject)


1) B.Ed. TC-401 (Gender School and Society (1/2))

2) B.Ed. TC-402 (Knowledge and Curriculum : Part-II (1/2))

3) B.Ed. TC-403 (Creating and Inclusive School (1/2))

4) B.Ed. TC-404 (Optional Paper)

5) Practicum B.Ed. P-405(EPC-3 Critical Understanding of ICT)

6) Practicum B.Ed. P-406(EPC-4 Understanding the Self)

B.Ed. Syllabus for two year course. - Click here to Download