About Trust

Lok Vikas Trust is Trust registered under Trust registration Act 1882 having registration No. IV/494/06 Dated 21-09-2006 in Jharkhand. LVT is about knowledge creation its diffusion and dissemination. Its mandate is.

* To establish technical institutions for cross discipline & technique based learning.

* To promote institutions of Technical & Professional education as centers of excellence and knowlede corridors and entrepreneurship in education training and research.

* To anchor it self to education strength of India.

It was a long cherished desire of the "Lok Vikas Trust" to establish a Technical Institute to benefit the SC/ST and backward communities of Jharkhand state in particular and the whole nation in general in this hard and competitive age with the manacing problem of unemployment, it was felt to be the most burning need of the times to prepare the present generation conforming to the requirements of the modern times. Thus the idea was conceived and after much sweat and toil the L.V.T. achieved its goal in 2006.

The Trust is currently housed at Harinarayan nagar, barmasia, Dhanbad just 1.5km walking distance from Dhanbad Railway Station. It has a Wi-Fi environment, modern offices, Seminar & Workshop halls etc.

Kumar B.Ed. College is managed by Lok Vikas Trust, The college aims at providing such Training to the students by way of introducing professional course as may help them to be self dependent. College has got due recognisation by NCTE, Bhubaneswar & affiliation from Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribagh (Jharkhand).

Kumar B.Ed extensive library has a variety of books, journals, videos and electronic resources for course work and general interest. Kumar B.Ed is committed to deliver quality education with balanced approach to theoretical and experimental learning. The learning experience at the campus equips the graduates with an ability to cope effectively with the demands and challenges of a continuously changing world of business and industry.